Intec Products has the engineering capability to design and manufacture special constructions for specific customer applications with environmental requirements. Manufacturing constructions and solutions for your unique requirements from your application and specifications is our strength. Included are the environmental variables such as the effects from moisture and sunlight that best determine the insulations for these product creations.

These designs are not limited to only Tecsil and/or Nextel™ high temperature insulations. With these constructions there is a vast array of tapes wraps and braids that we are able to insulate with. In addition the cores may or may not include various alloy sizes, diameters and configurations Intec has the ability to supply special coatings and treatments in addition to braiding and over braiding using special materials.

Our braiding equipment can braid a variety of yarns and filaments. Intec’s engineering staff can create a special product using:

  • Various Wall Thickness
  • Special Braid Materials
  • Customized Over Braiding
  • Other Sleeve Configurations

NOTE: Custom lengths and spooling requirements available upon request