ropeTECSIL braided silica ropes combine with Nextel™ ceramic fiber to offer high temperature gaskets and seals.TECSIL rope is 96% silica which offers reliable thermal performance in a continuous service environment up to 1800°F (982°C) with brief excursion temperatures to 2000°F. TECSIL will retain it's soft, flexible characteristics and will provide a compressible seal in high temperature applications. When constant soak temperatures exceed 1000°F, silica is the material of choice for guaranteed performance.

To improve the abrasion resistance of the silica rope core, Intec Products, Inc. has developed an Armortec gasket that is "armored" or "over-braided" with a tough, durable covering of Nextel 312 ceramic fiber. The continuous filament ceramic fiber sleeving encapsulates the silica core to provide protection against wear from abrasion and extends the service life of the silica rope gasket.

Nextel 312 ceramic fibers retain their strength and flexibility up to 2200°F (1204°C). The pure high alumina-boria-silica fibers offer significant strength with minimal change in properties in brief exposures as high as 2600°F (1426°C).

Nextel fibers are thermally compatible with the TECSIL silica fibers, resulting in a compressible seal that is capable of extremely high temperatures without excessive shrinkage and embrittlement. Also, the combination of the pure silica and alumina-boria-silica fibers avoid many health concerns over respirable fibers.

Armortec Gaskets




01-703 1/8" 100'
01-703a 5/32" 100'
01-704 3/16" 100'
01-704a 7/32" 100'
01-705 1/4" 100'
01-707 3/8" 100'
01-709 1/2" 100'
01-710 5/8" 100'




01-713 1" 50'
01-717 1-1/2" Per Order
01-719 2" Per Order
01-720 2-1/2" Per Order

ARMORTEC GASKET NOTES: Nextel overbraid wall thickness = 0.035". Standard Armortec gasket is constructed of a solid TECSIL rope core with Nextel overbraid. These products are available in various diameters up to 1". Standard lengths of 50 feet and 100 feet are packaged on spools in diameters up to 1". The larger diameter gaskets are produced to the customer's specified length and are coiled in cartons for shipment.

Armortec Applications:

Armortec gaskets can be used in high temperature sealing applications where service temperatures range from 1000°F to over 2200°F. Severe abrasion or frequent compression conditions warrant the selection of Armortec® with the durable Nextel cover. These include float glass furnace door seals, expansion seals for molten metal casting, crucible lid gaskets, and coke oven door seals.